About us

About us

The facility is serving to the 608 private hospitals and 24 government hospitals. We are treating and disposing the biomedical waste as per its categorization. Our facility has Incinerator, Autoclave, Chemical disinfection and shredding facility for biomedical waste treatment. Beside this facility also have Effluent treatment plant for effective management of effluent from incineration operation, vehicle washing facility, chemical disinfection & autoclave operations. We have well segregated storage areas for different categories of biomedical waste. We are providing waste collection service to more than 625 health care facilities and 5570 nos of beds. We are also providing training and awareness programs for biomedical waste handling for HCU employees. We are proving services for provision of waste bags and containers & PPEs for management of biomedical waste

Our Team

Dr. Kishore Malviya

( Director )

Dr. Kishore Malviya is Director- SMS Envocare Ltd., responsible for Businesses, Growth, over ..

Mr. Prabal Pratap Singh

( Director )

Hand on Experience of various methods and Evolution of Environment planning.

CA. Rakesh Singh

( Director )

In charge of Accounts & Finance for All BMW (Bio Medical Waste) units Mumbai, Delhi..

Mr. Amit Kumar Lall

( Plant Head )

Overseeing the sales & marketing operations & achieving increased sales ...

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